White Shoes & the Couples Company
Since the band’s first release in 2005, White Shoes and The Couples Company’s existence keeps on growing and become internationally wide known. Each music album that they release has different kind of inspiration, coming from Indonesia movie soundtracks in 1970’s, 1930’s jazz, 1960’s pop music, ethnic music, funk, to traditional Papuan music. Is not only their music that catches our attention, their stage act and style represents Indonesia in the 1970’s era. Visually and musically entertaining.
Rock N Roll Mafia
Formed by Hendra Jaya Putra and Eky Darmawan of Polyester Embassy, RnRM has been a critical darling throughout their 10 years time in the music industry. With a unique mixture of Electronic, Micro, Intelligence Dance and Avant Pop as their genres, RNRM has made a significant mark not just in the local underground music scene, but also internationally, with Commercial Reports coming from Singapore and Europe. Their released singles and tracks has drawn praise and awe from fellow artists/musicians such as Kyoto Jazz Massive, Jose Padilla, VHS/Beta, The Radio Dept, Telefon Tel Aviv and many more. In 2012, RNRM LP entitled “Prodigal” was released. Two LPs (Full Album), one EP and two compilations followed, to quench the musical thirst of their fans and music lovers alike.
The Trees & The Wild
The Trees and The Wild started as playing shows around Jakarta’s independent music scene with their minimalist, and radio friendly songs since 2006. By then, Lil’ Fish Records spotted the band and eventually The Trees and The Wild started recording 10 songs for the album ‘Rasuk’. Initially, The Trees and The Wild consist from vocal and guitar elements by Remedy Waloni with Andra Budi Kurniawan. However, more instruments are added into the group in 2010, and Hertri Nur Pamungkas joined as drummer, Tyo Prasetya in bass, finally Charita Utammy as vocalist. Making it the perfect night during JOYLAND Festival
Dialog Dini Hari
Since formed in 2008, Dadang Pranoto (Vocal, Guitar), Denny Surya (Drum), and Brozio Orah (Bass) keep into their consistency in creating music and lyrics that represents the existence of mankind, GOD, friendship, mother nature, and other small details in life that we didn’t even notice. Their music characteristics are shown rapidely in their album since 2008, started by releasing ‘Beranda Taman Hati’ (2008), ‘Dialog Dini Hari’ (2010), and ‘Lengkung Langit’ in vinyl (2012). This folk band from Bali is still working on the fourth album, and expected to be release soon. Dialog Dini Hari would be a perfect match in performing at JOYLAND Festival, the park and surroundings is well connected with the music and lyrics.
Leonardo And His Impeccable Six
Leonardo’s first debut was in 2011, where he launches the first album, The Sun. Formed by Leonardo Ringo himself, the album received a great support from his mates, including Dharmo Soedirman as Producer, TIKA (TIKA and The Dissidents), and Mian Tiara is just a few of the names that help the album. His latest release ‘Built To Race’ (2013) features the characteristics of rockabilly tunes. This time around, Leonardo will be introducing us with his Impeccable Six, a combination between trumpet, baritone sax, and trombone. Not only through the record, but also featuring on their stage act. Watching their live performance in a park, listening to the swing and rock n roll catchy tunes, all you can get that in JOYLAND Festival
Luky Annash
Luky Annash’s music is grippingly cathartic, teeming with themes spanning personal struggles, interpersonal candor and playfully abstract lyrics that somehow make emotional sense. It challenges expectations and the concept of being both mainstream and independent, straddling the divide between classical, pop, jazz and rock. Luky Annash’s live performance is viscerally thrilling, a shape shifting musical soul bearing that moves back and forth between cinematic drama and explosive rock show.
Polka Wars is described as Jakarta base alternative/indie rock band, which formed in early 2010. The band consists of Karaeng Adjie (guitar & vocal), Billy Saleh (guitar), Xandega Tahajuansya (bass), and Giovanni Rahmadeva (drums & vocal). Polka Wars is engaging their own formula in creating a distinctive sound that consists of honest feelings and gentle confusions wrapped in layers of sonic pleasure. Having two vocal ranges (baritone and alto), using variety music instruments, and synth-generated cold electronic ambient, formulates a different level of music.
Banda Neira
Banda Neira is basically a music project from Rara and Ananda. Both of them create songs and lyrics from the music arrangement between guitar and xylophone. They first started creating music during the spare time of their daily work routines. Keeping it as simple as possible, the whole music package sounds clean and fresh.
We Love ABC
Wondering who is the youngest artist from our line up? We Love ABC will be the answer. Only at the very young age, siblings Sisilia Virgana (10) and Satria Virgana (7), then lead by his dad Ricky Virgana shows the skills singing, playing cello and snare.
Dried Cassava
Music, like a pack of sardines, a pair of shoes, a blow of wind, a human being, is not as simple as an object. Music might be a subject that tells stories. Most of the time, it is the story itself. Giving human air to breathe the words through its intangible sounds, providing probabilities to wide interpretations, well at least according to Dried Cassava. Formed in the mid of 2005 by Baskoro Adhijuwono (vocal), Nandie Daniel (Guitar), Bana Drestanta (Bass) and Kago Mahardono (Drums), Dried Cassava offers you an imagination filled with the bitter sweets of life, simply to feed the eager to listen. Prepare to feel with ears, to listen with minds, to experience as a being. With a touch of popular, rock, classical, blues, jazz, and funk music, Dried Cassava released their first album Mind Thieves on May 2011.
After five years waited since the last album Centralismo (2005) and Ports Of Lima (2008), SORE release their new album “Sorealist” (2013), and followed by the latest single “Sssst..”. Both of the recent single and album are available to download through iTunes. This also remarks the breakthrough in the indie scene. It feels like a breeze in JOYLAND Festival to have SORE to perform. The festival is just right at the corner, so make sure you catch their live performance after the long anticipated album.
Tika & The Dissidents
Kartika Jahja, or better known as Tika, first released her own solo album titled Frozen Love Songs (2005) and Defrosted Love Songs (2006) under Aksara Records. She then recruited Luky Annash (piano), Susan Agiwitanto (bass), Okky Rahman Oktavian (drums), and Panji Gustiano (guitar) to be her back-up band and became Tika & the Dissidents. 2009 proved to be a busy year for the band. They contributed in the original soundtrack album of Joko Anwar’s film Pintu Terlarang, had a minor shift in the band as Panji left the group and being replaced by Iga Massardi, and also, the release of Tika & the Dissidents’ first full-length album the Headless Songstress. The album garnered critical acclaim from fans and media alike, with TEMPO magazine awarded the album as "Album of the Year 2009" and the band as "2009’s Chosen Music Figure".
Float formed in 2004 by Hotma "Meng" Roni Simamora (singer/songwriter/guitarist), Windra "Bontel" Benyamin (music producer/sound designer/guitarist), and Raymond Agus Saputra (bass). They released their debut EP “No-Dream Land” (2005) which attracted movie producer Mira Lesmana who later asked the band to create the music for her movie “3 Hari Untuk Selamanya” (directed by Riri Riza, Miles Films, 2007). With their soundtrack album, the band has won major honors, including the prestigious Abhinaya Trophy for Best Soundtrack at the Jakarta Film Festival and Best Theme Song award at the MTV Indonesian Movie Awards, both in 2007. Their song “Surrender” was featured in a promotion media for season 2 of the hit TV show “Heroes.” In early 2008 their song “Waltz Musim Pelangi” was released in the compilation album “Songs Inspired by Laskar Pelangi” (Miles Music). The band also contributed on the background music and the theme song “Songs of Seasons” for Indonesia Tourism Board’s TVC in 2012, appointed by Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of The Republic of Indonesia.
Bandung based folk band, TIGAPAGI gives the grasp of feeling into listening Indonesian traditional music by blending keroncong with a modern style. Lyricist and vocalist Sigit Pramudita is a grunge lover while guitarist Eko Sakti and Promadian Febrianto are into classical music. TIGAPAGI comes from a view from a single point of time, where everything is about to begin and at the same time everything comes to an end. This is presented in the latest album Roekmana’s Repertoire (2013), where the songs represents as a illustration the cycle of life and death.
Sajama Cut
In 1999, Sajama Cut was formed in Jakarta, and they are known for the moves in changing the music style, from noise pop, ambient, indie rock, baroque pop, folk rock, lo-fi to electronica. The lyrics are aimed in setting the mood in every song rather than telling stories. Since then Sajama Cut have release two albums, along with a number of compilation, and one of them is for JKT:SKRG. The band also contributes for Janji Joni film soundtrack. In 2010, they release the third album ‘Manimal’. In producing the music, Sajama Cut works together with musicians and video artist from overseas, among them are from the US, UK, Luxembourg, German, and Singapore. With the 4th album are under process, surely we can’t wait and lucky enough to get them to perform in JOYLAND Festival this year.
Typewriter prints and grainy analogue photos are some form of romanticism. A broken television will surely fixed by the expert. Forming an organic line that transform into an abstract alphabet is not a coincidence. Bing is nothing like these things combined. Don't hold your breath waiting for a familiar composition, they will always be some space for improvement. Bing spent some unpredictable yet productive period of time in 2011 while waiting for a light bulb to appear, creating songs that resembles old days was the trigger. It seems like Bing is a form of fluid, there will be plenty of minor changes as it goes along. This time, Bing are Poppie Airil, Akbar Sudibyo, Sarita Ibnoe, Pasangan Baru, and Rossi Rahardian.
Angsa & Serigala
Angsa & Serigala is a music project from Bandung that plays in the area of Folk Rock, Baroque Pop, and Ballads. Forming since 2008, these six band members have different music backgrounds that blend together. Having the same philosophy of ‘something paradoxical’, that will make Angsa & Serigala unify the things that are the opposite. Regardless their background differences, their acquaintances is the inspiration in making lyrics. Using Bahasa Indonesia as the main language preference, and at the same time Angsa & Serigala is presenting music that can be understood easily, and across its lyrics about environment and our daily activities. During their performances, Angsa & Serigala have their own approach in visualizing their music between the combination of art, audio, and stage artwork.
Sentimental Moods
It all began in 2008, when Beni Adhiantoro and Daniel Sukoco (both of The Upstairs, Beni was the drummer while Daniel more involved in the production side of the band) shared their fascination toward the ska genre. Inspired by bands like New York Ska Jazz, Tokyo Ska Paradise, The Skatalites and St,Petersburg Ska Jazz Review, the duo wanted to form a ska band of their own, but their path wasn’t so easy. Their busy schedules almost ruined their dream, and constant changes on band members was their bread and butter for years. Despite these circumstances, they managed to perform on several events like the ones in G-Four Manggarai and Jakarta Mods Mayday. It is not until 2012 that their formation became solid, Daniel on Baritone Saxophone, Yurie on Tenor Saxophone, Taufiq on trumpets, Edo on Bass, Aldo on percussion, Masmo on keyboard, Beni on drums, Wiro on guitar and Amor on Trombone. With first album planned to be released by the end of 2013, Sentimental Moods is ready to rock the music industry with their unique ska blends.
Space System
Space System (core players Aryo Adhianto and Jonathan Kusuma, later joined by Erlangga Utama and Gerinov Medaimanto) is Jakarta based music group. Since their establishment in September 2005, various music styles contributes into their music development from Electronic Music, Jazz, Rock, Dance Music, to Gamelan. Space System attempts to realize a new tradition of music making and performing among the local urban young musicians while earning a role as one of the hosts as well as members of international music world.