JOYLAND is a two days
of outdoor music
festival, which is located
in a breezy park. It
will be full of music, fun, happiness, and
It is important for you
to relax, wear your
most casual outfit, and
enjoy the festival!
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0813 8248 2211
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general info
07–08 December 2013
Taman Krida Loka
Senayan Swimming Stadium

Gate Open : 15.00 pm
Ticket Price : IDR 50.000,-/day
G Production
Jl. Wijaya II, No. 28
Kebayoran Baru
0813 8248 2211

Ouval Research
Jl. Sultan Agung No. 3A-B
022 - 4265161
Visitor GUide
Public Transportation:
  • Transjakarta
    Take the corridor 1 route, and stop at Gelora Bung Karno shelter. Then continue to walk about 15 minutes towards Parkir Timur Senayan, until you see Senayan Swimming Stadium. Taman Krida Loka will be right behind it.
  • Taxi
    Direct to Taman Krida Loka, Senayan Swimming Stadium Park
  • Parking Area
    There is a parking space for car and motorcycles near to Taman Krida Loka.
special notes
Terms & Condition:
  • 1. Food and drinks from outside are not allowed
  • 2. Dangerous and explosive materials are strictly prohibited within the
  • 3. G Production care for the environment and community. Please be festival area. respectful and place any litter in the bins provided around the venue. Be waste and water wise.
  • 1. Is there any bundling ticket for JOYLAND Festival?
    Yes! Please see our instagram, twitter, Facebook Page, and website for details. Various ticket bundling programs will be release each week until 29 November 2013.
  • 2. What should I wear for JOYLAND Festival?
    Wear clothes that are comfortable for music festival (t-shirt, shorts, sandals are recommended). Choose attire that can easily absorb sweat.
  • 3. Is there ATM Nearby?
    The nearest ATM would be in the shopping malls around Senayan, but we recommend you to bring extra cash because there will lots of merchandise and F&B to grab.
  • 4. What should we bring for the festival?
    Your picnic mat, portable chair, and your pets are welcome to JOYLAND Festival.